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Spring Training 2021

Spring Training is the centerpiece of AZ baseball and contributed 557.1 million dollars toward the local economy in 2018. As of 2008, there were just 10 teams in the Phoenix metro area. With three teams moving up from Tucson (CWS in 2009, CLE in 2010, and AZ D’Backs in 2010) and another two teams migrating from Florida (LAD in 2009 and CIN in 2010,) the Phoenix metro area now hosts 15 MLB teams which train for the regular season in what is referred to as the Cactus League.
    Having such a high concentration of teams in close proximity to one another affords fans the ability to see their favorite teams and players while not necessitating the need to frequent their favorite refueling stations. In fact, the furthest distance between any two stadiums in the Cactus League is Hohokam Stadium (OAK) and Surprise Stadium (TEX and KC) which is about a 50 mile drive that takes roughly an hour. As the crow flies, the straight line distance between their home plates is 34.21 miles. The tranquil climate of late Winter/early Spring in Arizona combined with the anticipation of a new baseball season has transformed Phoenix into a party like destination much as Spring Break has been for Daytona Beach.
    While Spring Training has become a tourism phenomenon unto itself, the Arizona Fall League, conversely, has the moniker of being the best kept secret in baseball. Instead of seeing the established superstars of the MLB, the Fall League showcases the future stars of the MLB. The Fall League has a charm unrivaled by any other affiliated baseball. There are a many reasons for this, but one stands out the most. Yes, there are no traffic delays while entering or leaving the games. Yes, there is unassigned seating so a general admission ticket can seat you in the front row just feet away from your favorite player in the on deck circle. Yes, you are witness to the top prospects from all 30 MLB teams, not just the teams in the Cactus League. Yet, it’s the relative anonymity of the league itself that creates an intimate setting for players and fans to interact with one another. Many 'out of state' fans love this league so much that it has become an annual pilgrimage for them. Consequently, many friendships are made among people who share a similar passion. Each year, the Fall League has the feel of a giant family reunion. Many of the local fans have been spoiled with this baseball paradise that is hidden in plain sight. Its available to all, and if you’re interested, allow John and Charlie’s to guide you through what could really be a bucket-list style baseball experience.

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Custom Baseball Cards

Now you can have your very own set of baseball cards printed for you. Whether you're a little league, high school player or a beer league sloth, these cards could range from true rookie cards to your last chance at immortality.

J & C Baseball cards has tried to raise the bar for personal baseball cards. Instead of just applying a boring border then typing a name to a photo, we apply cool effects and textures, which takes more time, but makes for a better finished product. There are a few classic styles available; some styles have an action or a portrait photo, while others have both and action and a portrait photo. 

​ All designs are original, and cards have a back with stats and bio. Cards come in sets of 20, but larger sizes are available. Cards are printed on 16 pt. paper and UV coated (unless they're specifically designed to be autographed.) Card turn around times are usually one week, which is mostly dependent upon the printers. Shipping can add a couple days.


Ordering cards is easy: 1.) Choose the style, 2.) Pay, 3.) Check your email for receipt confirmation. The receipt is also the form where you'd fill out information for the back of the card and upload the photo. Please click our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for helpful advice to make your card look great!!!


Attention baseball, softball and adult and youth baseball leagues in the Phoenix, AZ area: if an entire team is interested in having cards made, J & C Baseball will send out a staff photographer to do a photo shoot.

​Our community of photographers is also available for hire to shoot individuals during games. Prices are negotiable depending on if it's for groups or individuals. A minimum fee is applied for the photographer and photos will be available for download for a per shot fee. The more photos you order, the cheaper they get!


John and Charlie had a serendipitous meeting in the Spring of 2008. Possessing an outfield lawn ticket, the inevitable move closer to home plate (to capture a better photo) landed John in the empty seat of season ticket holder and baseball writer, Charlie Vascellaro. The surrounding fans suggested a collaboration of the two baseball addicts, and their first introduction came the very next game. The rest is history!


John has worked alongside Charlie providing various Spring Training magazines with photos to go along with the stories. Some of those include the Fountain Hills Times Spring Training insert, the US Airways magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Cubs and SF Giants Spring Training programs, and the Arizona Key Travel Magazine. For the last 11 years, he has been the photographer for Tim Sheridan’s Boys Of Spring, a website dedicated to hardcore Cubs fans. He’s been a speaker at the Road’s Scholar program on photography. In June 2014, John captured a photo of Manny Ramirez being Manny Ramirez as he unleashed a bat-flip in an extended spring training game vs. 19 years old kids that went viral. He was contacted by the deputy managing editor of the Chicago Sun Times. He has been with them since then and has traveled to stadiums across the US shooting MLB baseball as a credentialed photographer.


   Baltimore, MD based freelance writer, historian and raconteur Charlie Vascellaro’s writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and various travel, tourism and baseball publications. A former 20-year resident of Arizona and ASU alumni, Vascellaro is a constant contributor to many local/regional publications such as Phoenix, Arizona Key and the ASU Alumni magazine. Specializing in baseball and travel features his previews and travel stories have appeared annually in U.S. Airways magazine. He has also written on social and cultural affairs for and the Smithsonian Institutes Museum of the Native Americanmagazine. A frequent speaker on the academic baseball circuit, he makes regular presentations at the NINE baseball conference in Arizona each spring and has been an instructor/presenter for the Road Scholar/Elderhostel continuing education program for the past 15 years.

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J & C has a great relationship with many baseball industry providers. Below are the three professionally licensed bat companies whose products I've tried and been extremely impressed with. I've noticed a significantly higher percentage of these bats have a consistently more balanced swing. That's the first thing I look for when I decide to pick my stick.  When you're done here, click the logos below to redirect you over to their websites. Also check out the "Baseball News & Analysis" where we post not only the test drives of some of their bats, but will explore the world of making custom baseball bats.

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Baseball News & Analysis

This section is where you will find baseball related stories through various forms of media, whether it be articles, photos, video, or hand-puppet re-enactment. We will introduce you to up and coming players, famous local personalities, and anything related to Arizona baseball and lifestyle. Also, this is where we will post any changes or updates to our website, in case we get writer's block. Please subscribe so you can receive notifications when a new entry is added, and also for any sales, coupons, or additions to our website is made. We may even have a give away every so often.

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