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Custom Baseball Cards

   Now you can have your very own set of baseball cards; or any sport for that matter. J & C Baseball cards has tried to raise the bar for personal trading cards. Instead of just applying a boring border and typing a name onto a photo, we apply cool effects and textures, which takes more time, but makes for a better finished product.

   There are a few classic styles available and the price is based on the time required to graphically design the card.

Some card styles have an action or a portrait photo, while others have both and action and a portrait photo. Some cards require the background to be removed from the original photo, while others keep the backgrounds. For simplicity, they've been grouped into three categories: "1 Photo Cards," "2 Photo Cards," and "2 Photo Cards with Backgrounds Removed." All designs are original, and cards have a back with stats and bio. Cards come in sets of 20, but larger sizes are available and discounted. Cards are printed on 16 pt. coated paper and UV coated on the front for a glossy appearance.

   Our custom baseball card services are directed towards Showcase Tournaments, High Schools, Little Leagues and Adult Leagues, but we offer cards for anyone, even if they're not part of any affiliation. The ordering process is easy:


1.) Choose the style and options,

2.) Purchase the product,

3.) Have a mini photo shoot to get the photo(s) to be used.

   For individuals who just want their own trading cards the ordering is slightly different:

1.) Choose the style and options,

2.) Purchase the product,

3.) Upload your own photo and information for the front and back of your card (a form will be sent along with the digital receipt to your email.) Please click on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) for advice on how to take a photo suitable for a baseball card.

   Card turn around times are usually one week to 10 days, which is mostly dependent upon the printers and shipping. Please read the return policy and recommended shipping options at the bottom of the page.

   Attention: baseball, softball and adult and youth baseball leagues in the Phoenix, AZ area: if a team is interested in having cards made, J & C Baseball will send out a staff photographer to do a photo shoot. Our community of photographers is also available for hire to to shoot individuals during games. Prices are negotiable depending on if it's for groups or individuals. Photos will be available download for a per shot fee.

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